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Movement trajectory of tooth plate of compound pendulum jaw crusher

The tooth plate is the main Raymond Mill Grinding Plant For Talc working component of the jaw crusher. In the process of crushing the material, the material is severely ground and violently impacted. The life of the tooth plate has always been a problem of engineering concern, so increasing the service life of the tooth plate has become a An important research topic. The degree of wear of the tooth plate is related to the physical and mechanical characteristics of the crushed material, the structure of the tooth plate, the use parameters of the crusher, and the kinematics. It depends largely on the movement trajectory of the movable jaw tooth plate. The following analyzes the impact of the tooth trajectory of the compound pendulum jaw crusher on the life of the tooth plate, and several measures to improve the wear of the tooth plate to increase the service life of the tooth plate.

1. The influence of the Vertical Roller Mill Production Process movement path of the tooth plate on the life of the tooth plate. The degree of wear of the movable jaw tooth plate is not only related to the physical and mechanical properties of the crushed material, the shape of the tooth plate, the crusher use parameters and other factors, but also closely related to the movement trajectory of the tooth plate. The movement trajectory is different, and the degree of wear of the tooth plate is also different. At different heights of the crushing cavity, the trajectories of the points on the tooth plate surface vary greatly. In the upper part of the crushing cavity, the motion path of the tooth plate is an approximate ellipse, while in the lower part of the crushing cavity, the motion path of the tooth plate is an extreme ellipse. The motion characteristic value of the moving end of the discharge end of the compound pendulum jaw crusher is large, that is, the vertical stroke is large, which is extremely beneficial to the discharge, especially the discharge of viscous and wet materials, but the vertical stroke is large, and the material is here Long sliding time will cause the abrasion of the tooth plate to increase here. The holding part is near the discharge port. When the movable jaw is closed, there is an upward movement component. This component causes greater friction between the material and the tooth plate. , Resulting in over-crushing of the crushed product, and the material wear on the tooth plate is more and more serious. In order to improve the wear of the moving jaw tooth plate and increase the service life of the tooth plate, in addition to selecting the more suitable design of the tooth plate shape and printing the better parameters, it is more important to control the size and wear of the tooth plate by changing the movement track of the moving jaw characteristic.

What should users pay attention to when using the crusher when the temperature is low

We all know that the Sand Making Machine Manufacturer maintenance work of the crusher is extremely important. However, the maintenance of the crusher should use different methods and strategies according to different seasons, and do the maintenance work suitable for the environment at that time. Well, the cold winter has come, and in cold weather, how should users do maintenance work of the crusher. We believe: 
The relatively low temperature in Used Portable Concrete Crusher winter will not only greatly reduce the service life of the crusher, but also make it easier to freeze the oil and water in the crusher, which will affect the normal operation of the crusher. Therefore, users in winter should thoroughly check and maintain the crusher to ensure that the crusher can safely pass through the winter. Specific attention should be paid to the following points: First, do the cleaning work of the crusher. Descale and decontaminate the various parts of the crusher, and do the preliminary work for the next maintenance. Second, pay attention to the selection and replacement of oil. At low temperatures, the viscosity of the oil will increase and the fluidity will deteriorate, which will affect the operation of the engine and the operation of the equipment. Therefore, the user should choose an oil suitable for winter use and replace it in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Later, the maintenance of parts. In the low temperature state, the work of many components will be affected, so the user should do the maintenance work of the parts, especially the insulation work. Please choose the more powerful and cost-effective for the crusher.

introduce the three major devices of hydraulic jaw crusher

The structure of the hydraulic jaw Used Portable Concrete Crusher is basically the same as that of the general simple swinging jaw crusher. The difference is that the safety mechanism and adjustment mechanism of the hydraulic oil cylinder replace the original safety device and adjustment device of the general jaw crusher. The principles of the three major devices of hydraulic jaw crusher segment starting, hydraulic safety and hydraulic adjustment are described below.

1. Hydraulic stage start. In order to reduce the power Ore Milling Equipment consumption of the large jaw crusher during startup, two hydraulic friction clutches are installed at both ends of the eccentric shaft. One friction clutch is installed between the pulley and the eccentric shaft, and the other is installed between the flywheel and the eccentric shaft. The clutch is usually closed due to the action of the spring, so that the flywheel, the pulley and the eccentric shaft are tightly engaged. Before starting the crusher, First, use a hydraulic oil pump to fill the two oil cylinders provided at both ends of the eccentric shaft. When the oil pressure increases to 29kg / cm2, the cylinder piston moves to the two ends of the eccentric shaft, and the compression spring disengages the clutch. At this time, the main motor is started to drive the pulley to rotate. After 20s, the pulley reaches normal operation. At this time, the oil in the cylinder of the pulley is depressurized and flows back to the tank, the clutch is closed, and the eccentric uranium runs with the pulley. After 20s, the flywheel The oil in the end cylinder is relieved of pressure, the clutch is closed, and the flywheel runs with the eccentric uranium, completing the three-step start of the crusher.

Gear lubricant for roller crusher

The Used Portable Concrete Crusher manufacturer teaches you how to choose the gear lubricant of the roller crusher correctly. The gear is an important part of the roller crusher to complete the crushing operation. Without the smooth operation of the gear, the crushing operation of the material cannot be completed, and lubrication is an indispensable step to ensure the long-term smooth operation of the gear. Today, let ’s talk about how to choose the lubrication of the roller crusher gears. What factors will affect the choice of lubricants? 
If the Sand Making Machine Manufacturer lubrication is not in place, it may affect the normal operation of the equipment. In severe cases, it may even damage the equipment. The wrong choice of lubricating oil is also as serious as the consequences of not doing well, and there are many factors that affect the choice of lubricating oil for the roller crusher. Below we will introduce them one by one. 
1. Load (pressure). High-viscosity lubricants are more resistant to heavy loads and collision friction between metals than low-viscosity lubricants. Therefore, low-viscosity lubricants should be used when the equipment is lightly loaded, and high-viscosity lubricants should be used when high-loaded. 
2. Speed. The faster the gear slides and rotates, the less time it takes for lubricant to pass between the gears. Not only that, the lubricant is also more likely to agglomerate and thicken under high-speed operation. Therefore, comprehensive considerations, gear operation with high viscosity oil at low speed, low viscosity oil at high speed.

How to make sure that the crusher finished sand and gravel meet the standard

The Zimbawe Stone Crushers manufacturer explains how to make sure that the crusher finished sand and gravel meet national standards. With the development of economy and society, the market demand for gravel aggregates is increasing. At present, there are more and more enterprises producing sandstone aggregates. So, how can we be sure that the produced gravel aggregates comply with national standards? Here we summarize five aspects:

1. The shape of the particles. The stone crushed by the crusher should be cubic, and the content of needle flakes should not exceed 15%. At the same time, the ratio of the smaller thickness of the needle flakes to the larger length is less than 1: 3. 2. Grading. Grading is an important characteristic of gravel aggregate, which directly affects almost all the important characteristics of the mixture, especially for concrete. The high gradation accuracy can ensure that the Marshall stability and flow value of the concrete are in better design conditions. To ensure the service life of the road.

3. Consistency of particle composition. Consistent particle composition can ensure the quality of the mixture and extend the service life of the road surface. 4. Cleanliness of particles. The presence of excessive dust and other harmful substances on the particles will cause the mixture to peel off and loosen, which will affect the durability of the road surface. 5. The content of particles below 0.075 mm. The content of particles under 0.075 mm in the mixture should not exceed 5% -7%, which can improve its anti-scouring ability.

Working principle of jaw crusher

Crusher manufacturers explain the Zimbawe Stone Crushers working principle and performance characteristics of jaw crushers. After more than 100 years of practice and continuous improvement, the structure of jaw crusher has been perfected. It has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable work and convenient maintenance, so it is still widely used in production departments such as building materials, chemical industry and mineral processing. In the jaw crusher, the material is crushed between the existing jaw plates. The movable jaw plate periodically swings around the fixed mandrel to the fixed jaw plate. When the movable jaw plate is close to the fixed jaw plate, the material between the two jaw plates is crushed by the action of squeezing and breaking.

When the active jaw plate leaves the fixed jaw plate, the broken material is discharged through the discharge port under the action of gravity. There are two types of jaw crushers that are widely used: simple swinging jaw crushers-jaw crushers with crank and rocker mechanisms that move the jaws for complex swings. The former is mostly made into large and medium size, mostly used for coarse crushing operation, and the crushing ratio is f = 3-6; the latter is generally made into medium and small size, mainly suitable for medium and fine crushing operations, and the crushing ratio can reach 10. Complex swinging jaw crusher is developing in the direction of large-scale. In recent years, hydraulic technology has been applied to crushing equipment, and hydraulic jaw crushers have appeared. Which jaw crusher is better, we are more trustworthy.

how to operate jaw crusher correctly

During the operation, it is necessary to pay attention to the Raymond Mill Grinding Plant For Talc uniform feeding, the ore is not allowed to fill the crushing cavity; and the larger size of the feeding block should not be greater than 0.85 times the width of the feeding port. At the same time, when feeding the ore, strictly prevent non-crushed materials from entering the crusher. During the operation, it is often necessary to pay attention to the block of ore stuck to the feed port of the crusher. If it has been stuck, use an iron hook to turn the ore; if the block of ore needs to be taken out of the crushing cavity, special equipment should be used It is strictly forbidden to do these tasks by hand to avoid accidents.

During the operation of the Efficient Quarry Crusher Manufacturers machine. If there is too much ore or the crushing cavity is clogged, the ore feeding should be suspended. After the ore in the crushing cavity is crushed, the mine feeder should be started. But at this time, the miner is not allowed to stop running. In operation, it should not usually exceed 60 ℃, in order to prevent the melting of the alloy bearing bush and produce a bush burning accident; when the bearing temperature is found to be high, do not stop the operation immediately, and take effective measures to reduce the bearing temperature in time Large oil supply, forced ventilation, or water cooling, etc.) After the bearing temperature drops, stop the vehicle to check and eliminate the fault.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, people who are not familiar with the operation rules are not allowed to operate the crusher alone. When the crusher is stopped, it must be stopped in the order of the production process. First of all, the ore feeding must be stopped. After all the ore in the crushing cavity is discharged, the crusher and belt conveyor should be stopped. When the crusher stops, the motor of the oil pump can be stopped. If the crusher suddenly stops for some reason, before the accident is processed and ready to start, the backlog of ore in the crushing chamber must be cleared before it is allowed to start operation: professional production of energy-saving crushers, sand making machines, and more professional crusher production Quotient.

Crusher manufacturers teach you how to operate jaw crusher correctly

Correct operation is one of the important Efficient Quarry Crusher Manufacturers factors to ensure the continuous normal operation of the jaw crusher. Improper operation or carelessness during operation is often the main cause of equipment and personal accidents. The correct operation is strictly in accordance with the provisions of the operating regulations.

1. Preparations before starting. Before the jaw crusher is started, the equipment must be thoroughly inspected. Check the wear condition of the crushing tooth plate, adjust the size of the ore outlet; check whether there is ore in the crushing chamber, if there is a large piece of ore, it must be taken out; check whether the connection bolt is loose, the protection cover of the pulley and the flywheel is intact, triangle Whether the elasticity of the belt and tie rod spring is appropriate, the filling level of the oil storage tank (or dry oil reservoir) and the condition of the lubrication system, whether the electrical equipment and signal system are normal, etc.

2. Precautions during operation. (1) Before starting the crusher, the oil pump motor and cooling system should be started first. After 3-4 minutes, when the oil pressure and oil flow indicator are normal, start the motor of the crusher; after the start, if the crusher issues The abnormal sound should be stopped and the machine should be restarted after the defects have been identified and eliminated. The crusher must be started without load. After a period of time, the machine can be operated normally after a period of time. The ore fed to the crusher should be gradually increased until it is fully loaded.

Stone Crusher Plant Cost

Stone Crusher Machine is one of our most main Efficient Quarry Crusher Manufacturers products, we can produce all kinds of crusher, grinding mill, sand making machine, mobile crushing plant, stone production line equipment and so on.First, the raw material from the primary crusher for preliminary crushing, then produced into a coarse material transported by belt conveyor to the fine crushing for further crushing, crushing stone into the vibration after sieve different sizes of the three kinds of stones, rocks, super size big stones back into the crusher, once again broken.It is advantageous if the crushed stone unit is set up near the quarries where the granite boulders of various sizes are available for the crushing unit. The wastage from the granite industry will be of much use ot the crushed stone unit.

All the building constructions whether it is housing or industrial construction activities requires crushed stone. Crushed stone is also required for cement based products like RCC pipes, PSC poles, cement concrete hollow blocks, precast cement concrete slabs, well rings, window door frames and road laing. The demand for crushed stone will continue to grow with the growth of its user industry. The unit an be set up depending availaility of raw material and major commercial centre.

manufacturing process. There are numerous stone and rock crusher machines are operated in quarries and mines all over the world. The stone crushing plant installed at the working site has a production capacity and a throughout capacity range from 10tph to 2000tph of various size of aggregate or manufactured sand. The stone and rock crusher machine will itself be fed with boulders extracted from the rock quarry which will be exploited within the same project area. The overall stone crushing process will involve, as is the standard case, the following processing units: Primary crushing through a jaw crusher; Secondary crushing through a cone crusher; Tertiary crushing through a cone crusher; Quaternary crushing through an impact crusher; Finally a sieving process.

Dvantages of Mobile Crushing Station

1. Strong mobility: The length of the mobile Calcium Carbonate Processing Machines for tires is short, and different crushing equipment is installed on an independent movable chassis respectively. The wheelbase is short and the turning radius is small. It can be flexibly driven on ordinary highways and operating areas.

2. Integrated unit: the installation form of integrated unit equipment eliminates the complicated site infrastructure installation operations of split components and reduces the consumption of materials and working hours. The reasonable and compact space layout of the unit improves the flexibility of the site.

3. Reduce material transportation cost: The mobile crushing station can process materials on site without having to move the materials away from the site for reprocessing, which greatly reduces the transportation cost of materials. 4. The operation effect is direct and effective: the integrated series of mobile crushing stations can be used independently, and can also provide more flexible process configuration according to the customer's material type and product requirements in the process, to meet the user's mobile crushing, mobile screening, etc. This requirement makes the organization and logistics transfer more direct and effective, and the cost is greatly reduced.

A machine that crushes stones into stones

What machines are needed to crush stones into stones? How much do theseSand Making Machine Manufacturercost? Here is a detailed answer for you: 1. Coarse crushing jaw crusher. It can meet the feeding particle size between 125㎜-1200㎜, and the particle size range of the finished pebbles is 10-400㎜. The production capacity range is 1-1000t / h, and there are 17 models from small to large. However, due to the different models of jaw breakers and the different casting costs, there are also differences in price. Some customers can purchase according to their actual needs.

Medium crushing impact crusher or cone crusher. Both impact crushing and cone crushing can be used for the second-stage crushing treatment of most stones, but the impact crushing is mostly used for the treatment of some soft materials, such as limestone, gypsum, bluestone, dolomite, etc. After crushing, the materials are mostly cubic particles. , Good discharging granularity. The output of the single machine is 30-800t / h, and the output particle size is 5-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-30mm; cone crushing is more inclined to crushing some high hardness stones.

What is jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is commonly known as jaw breaking, also known as tiger mouth. A Sand Making Machine Manufacturer chamber is composed of two jaw plates, a movable jaw and a static jaw, which simulates the movement of the two jaws of an animal to complete the crushing operation of the material. It is widely used in the crushing of various ores and bulk materials in mining smelting, building materials, highways, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries. The higher compressive strength of the crushed material is 320Mpa. 
Jaw crusher is mainly used as coarse crusher and medium crusher in mining, building materials, infrastructure and other departments. According to the width of the inlet, it is divided into three types: large, medium and small. The width of the inlet is greater than 600MM is a large machine, the width of the inlet is 300-600MM is a medium-sized machine, and the width of the inlet is less than 300MM is a small. machine. The jaw crusher is simple in structure, easy to manufacture and reliable in work. 
The working part of the jaw crusher is two jaw plates, one is the fixed jaw plate (fixed jaw), the vertical (or slightly inclined at the upper end) is fixed on the front wall of the machine body, and the other is the movable jaw plate (moving jaw), position Inclined to form a crushing cavity (working cavity) with the upper and lower sides and the fixed jaw plate. The movable jaws make periodic reciprocating movements against the fixed jaws, sometimes separating and sometimes approaching. When separated, the material enters the crushing cavity, and the finished product is discharged from the lower part; when approaching, the material installed between the two jaws is squeezed, bent and split to be broken. Jaw crusher can be divided into simple swing jaw crusher (simple swing jaw crusher) according to different swinging ways of movable jaw plate. There are three types of complex swinging jaw crusher (compound swinging jaw crusher) and comprehensive swinging jaw crusher.

How much is a ton of construction waste disposal

How much is the cost of Basalt Sand Making Equipment processing a ton of construction waste, that is to say, the cost of processing a ton of construction waste, in fact, with the development of technology and the national concern, the cost of crushing a ton of construction waste is getting lower and lower, such as the construction of construction waste treatment The factory can enjoy the following discounts, everyone should clearly understand that the enjoyment can not be missed.

Investment in construction waste treatment plants can enjoy policy support such as franchise operations, project land use, disposal fees, and special environmental protection funds, which vary according to local policies. The Ministry of Construction stipulates that waste disposal projects can have franchise rights for no more than 30 years, and enterprises can monopolize business for 30 years. The sales of recycled products produced from recycled aggregates in construction waste, such as permeable bricks, recycled mortar, PC prefabricated components, recycled aggregates, etc., are tax exempt.

If the purchase cost per ton of construction waste is 7-8 yuan, plus utilities, site fees, etc., the average processing of one ton of construction waste is about 12 or 3 yuan. If considering various preferential policies, the overall processing of one ton Construction waste is probably less than ten yuan, but the market price of crushed aggregates has doubled. It is about 60-100 yuan per ton, according to the finished product rate of 70%, the average price is 80 yuan / ton, then each ton The profit can reach more than 40 yuan, which shows that the profit is huge.

Advantages and Work Standards of Jaw Crushers

When we talk about the Calcium Carbonate Processing Machines jaw crusher, we may be very familiar about its working principle and structure because it is such a popular stone crushing machine in the mining machinery. As for the advantages of the jaw crusher, our experts have concluded the main aspects of our jaw crusher and the mobile jaw crusher:

1.The optimized deep Stone Quarrying Process Line crushing cavity leaves no dead zone and increases the feeding and crushing efficiency by reducing the energy consumption as much as 15%-30%. The system can save more than double the energy. 2.The equipment adopts a bigger heavy type eccentric shaft processed by forging stock, jaw plate made of high manganese steel and moving jaw made of high quality cast steel, which makes it with strong bearing capacity and stability.

3.The special centralized lubrication system makes it easy to lubricate the components, which simplifies the maintenance work.Having learned about the advantages of the jaw crusher, users should also be aware of the operating standard of the equipment because correct operation plays a great role in the performance of the jaw crusher.

1.During the working period of the jaw crusher, it’s very necessary to check if the crushing board gets loose. If any, make some adjustment to prevent the crushing board from being broken or worn out, thus shortening its service life. 2.Vibration is quite a normal phenomenon for the jaw crusher when it is crushing hard and large materials. We can use the steel and concrete material to strengthen the jaw crusher’s structure. Once the components of the jaw crusher get loose or cracked, timely adjustment is needed.

Iron Ore Mining Process Flow Chart

The process of the main features are: For iron ore process mineralogy Ore Milling Equipment characteristics has good adaptability.In accordance with the need of iron ore fine disseminated extent, the characteristics of fine grinding, the ore with the method of continuous grinding mill to all basic monomer dissociation, sorting, avoid the middlings was stage grinding and grinding amount of volatile and efficiency is not high to the process of negative side effects.

Weak magnetic combined use of a strong magnetic and anionic reverse flotation implements work best combination of the art process.After continuous grinding, grinding with low intensity magnetic separation will minerals in the primary slime and secondary slime off, throw away a large amount of tailings.Both in anionic reverse flotation is improved to be included in the material iron grade, advantageous in the landscape of the anionic reverse flotation to obtain high quality iron concentrate;More importantly choose weak magnetic magnetic separation operation throw away after the primary slime and secondary slime, create a good technological conditions for anionic reverse flotation operation, is advantageous to the anionic reverse flotation Play a better role.

This process easy to obtain better choose don't index. At present, the strong magnetic industry equipment is the ideal hematite tail device, anionic reverse flotation is the most reason to hematite to obtain high grade iron concentrate ore dressing don't work.

How to improve the performance of the vertical shaft impact crusher

Construction project have strict demand for the shape of the Sand Making Machine Manufacturer Indonesiaaggregates and the degree of hardness. In order to get the aggregates with high quality, it is necessary to equip with the vertical shaft impact crusher. In addition, it is necessary to pay much attention to the quality of the materials so as to improve the output of the vertical shaft impact crusher.

The material texture is the crucial factor that affects the output of crushing production line, especially the degree of soft and hard of the sand gravel material directly determines the crushing effect. So feed size must have a strict norm, and the feed must meet the require size of sand production line. There is one point that must be warned. It is the longtime collision of the materials in the vibrating screening results in the distortion of the screen mash and the unqualified materials directly enter into the crushing cavity. This not only reduces the yield of the sand production line, but also accelerates the wear of the crushing machine.

It is also necessary to take sufficient resources as a guarantee, such as limestone, cobble and pebbles and so on. Only do this like that can it don't affect the production progress and yield.